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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I let you know who I want to sit near?

Yes, of course!  Just let us know when you register for the event or you can e-mail us later.  We will do everything we can to put you together.

Do you allow children?

We love children, but only in pictures!  Just kidding.  Our crops are for you to get away and enjoy a weekend with your friends.  If your family wants to come because of the local attractions in the area that is great.  We just want to be courteous and conscious of all our other croppers and must insist that children (14 and younger) not be allowed in the crop room.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Please see our cancelation policy page.

Is there anything I should know about your events?

YES!  Never - EVER go to bed before midnight.  For the past several crops the most fun and laughing has been done after midnight.  Anytime anyone goes to bed before midnight, they always end up regretting it.  So pace yourself, and go take a nap mid day, because you are going to want to be around late for the fun.

Why do the prices of the events seem to fluctuate?

We are developing relationships with our vendors (hotel partners, restaruants, etc) to negociate the lowest rate possible on all the amenities we offer in our packages.  These relationships at different places lead to different rates we are charged for the products and services we agree to purchase from them.  When we get a great deal, we pass on the saving to you.